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Galapagos Islands
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Santiago Island - Galapagos - photo by F.J. Pugsley ? 2002
Santiago Island

The Galapagos Islands

We are the North American office for only the finest and most reputable tour operators with experience in the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador.  Enjoy personalized, and well organized Galapagos Islands travel, tours, and cruises - catering to groups and individual travelers.  All expeditions are escorted by specialized multilingual guides, with in-depth knowledge of areas visited and topics of interest.  

Watch our News and Notices page for important updates when information becomes available regarding changes in regulations, taxes, surcharges, airport closures and openings, press releases, and other pertinent information.  

INFORMATION: Zika Virus - February 04, 2016

As you have probably heard in the press and travel advisories, the Zika Virus has been reported in various Latin American countries including Ecuador...  Read More

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Galapagos Islands expeditions: Tours and Cruises - LARCGalapagos Islands Expeditions, Tours, Cruises and Adventures

Whether a cruise ship or a yacht, motor sailor, or catamaran is your cup of tea, we have something we are sure you will like!

Galapagos Islands Hotels List - LARCGalapagos Islands Hotels List

Need a place to stay on land while visiting the Galapagos? 

We've got you covered!

Galapagos Islands - Special Tours and PromotionsGalapagos Islands Special Tours and Promotions

Looking for a discounted Galapagos cruise - be it an early bird special or last minute deal - or a special event tour, this is the place!

Chasing A Dream In The Galapagos? - by Bette Blaydes PegasChasing A Dream In The Galapagos - A Personal Evolution ? 
- by Bette Blaydes Pegas

Purchase it from Chasing a Dream in the Galapagos: A Personal Evolution ?

Blue-Footed Boobie - Galapagos Islands
Traveler Comments about their Galapagos experiences

Read what travelers have had to say about their experiences in the Galapagos.

For years, Jack Hanna, star of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild and Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures has utilized LARC when traveling to Latin America.  See for yourself what Jack Hanna has to say about LARC in a short video he was kind enough to record:

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(These open in a new window, so you may need to disable your pop-up blocker)

"Jungle" Jack Hanna's and photographer Rick Prebeg's comments.

Jack Hanna's letter to a 9-year-old girl who saw his picture on this website. 

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Some Sights to be seen in the Galapagos Islands:

Blue Footed Booby - Galapagos Islands
A Blue-Footed Booby - a bird found throughout the Galapagos Islands and nowhere else.  The bird's name comes from the Spanish word "bobo" which means "clown."  The boobies got this name because of their large colorful feet and their behavior. 

Galapagos Tortoise - Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos - photo by Steven H. Spake ? 2002
One of the huge Galapagos Tortoises for which the island were named.  Galapagos is Spanish for "saddle."  This particular tortoise lives at the Charles Darwin Research Center at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.  The Darwin Center has a program to hatch their eggs and later release to young back into the wild in order to increase the population of these endangered giants. 

Beach - Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
A view of the shoreline on Santa Cruz Island.  The large cactus is typical of those that grow all over the island - many reaching 20-feet in height and having bark like a tree on their lower trunks. 

Marine Iguanas - Galapagos Islands
A small group of Marine Iguanas warming themselves in the sun.  These creatures - unique to the Galapagos Islands - are vegetarians, eating algae growing on submerged rocks.  There are thousands of these on the beaches and they aren't afraid of people - so be careful not to step on them! 

Let the experts at LARC, Latin America Reservation Center ?, be your guide for your Galapagos Islands adventures. 

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