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Dive Center Galapagos
Operated in conjunction
with Hotel Silberstein,
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

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Extra Divers Worldwide - Dive Center GalapagosDive Center Galapagos

A member of Extra Divers Worldwide, Dive Center Galapagos is managed by Martin Bernauer, who has been living and working on the island for 12 years and knows the underwater world very well.  The center is equipped with complete new sets of Aqualung equipment, 40 12-liter aluminum tanks (INT connection), dive computers, one L&W 300 compressor, and has its own boat. The dive training and dive education will be performed according to PADI standards in German and English.  The friendly international team and the high safety standards of Extra Divers will guarantee your unforgettable and safe dive holidays.  The diving center offers diving courses for beginners up to Divemaster level. Every day, full day trips with 2-3 dives are offered with the comfortable boat.  The distance to the dive spots varies from 1 to 3 hours.  As an additional highlight, 2-day-trips to Floreana Island are planned. 

Dive Center Galapagos - transfer vehicleGalapagos Diving - Guides

The Dives

Dive Center Galapagos - dive boatThe dive conditions around the Galapagos Islands are fantastic with a huge diversity in species due to the currents and water temperature. 

Galapagos has two very different climatic seasons with a warm and sunny period between December and May and a cooler and more cloudy season from June until November.  During the warm season, there is usually very little wind - The sea is generally calm and the visibility is good.  The water temperature varies between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius.  Diving in a semidry suit is recommended all year round. 

Sometimes an underwater current from the western Pacific hits the biggest island Isabela, pushing the cold and nutrient rich water towards the surface.  This is the reason why the water temperature can vary by more than 6 degrees Celsius and the visibility can be limited in times. 

Exact details concerning your dive experience (certificate and logbook) are necessary, as well as a medical statement, which should not be older than one year. 

dive boatGalapagos offers very interesting and good dive spots for beginners, advanced and very experienced divers alike. However, the best dive spots are usually also the most difficult ones with strong currents and drop-offs.  Diving with a qualified dive guide is not only important, but is required by the local law.  The maximum allowed depth is 30 meters.  Maximum dive time is 60 minutes, or when you reach a minimum pressure of 50 bars in your tank. 

Our dive boat was built according to the local high standards with enough room for your equipment and the pre-dive preparation.  The boat is also equipped with emergency oxygen, first aid box, and GPS. 

Dive Courses

  • Introductory dives in the pool

  • Introductory dives in the sea, accompanied by a dive instructor

  • Scuba Diver course with certificate (duration: 2 days)

  • Open Water Diver course with certificate (duration: 4 days)

  • Specialties and continuing education courses up to Divemaster level.


We offer the possibility to do a daily excursion for diving with overnight stay at the Hotel Silberstein, up to combined cruising tours, according to your expectations...

Package "Diving with Hotel Silberstein"

Beginners  5-days: (3 days of diving with Check-Out Dive)
Intermediate  5-days: (3 days of diving with Check-Out-Dive) 
Only Advanced  5-days: (3 days of diving with Check-Out-Dive)
Only Advanced: 8-days: (6 days of diving with Check-Out-Dive)
  • single room supplement

  • half board

  • diving equipment is included

  • Diving areas are normally Academia Bay, Floreana, Santa. Fe, Gordon Rocks, Seymour, Cousins, Bartolomé, Daphne and Mosquera.

Combination of Diving and Land Tours, overnight stay at the Hotel Silberstein
one night at Hostal Wittmer with full board. The rest is half board.

  1. Transfer in, visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, Hotel Silberstein 

  2. 2 visit to Seymour and Bachas Islands 

  3. Visit to Plazas and Punta Carrion Islands, snorkeling 

  4. Visit to Bartolomé Island 

  5. Diving at Academia Bay 

  6. Diving at Floreana Island, Hostal Wittmer 

  7. Diving at Floreana Island, Hostal Wittmer 

  8. Diving at Sta. Fe Island 

  9. Diving at Gordon Rocks 

  10. Diving at Seymour Island 

  11. Diving at Bartolomé Island 

  12. Visit to the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island and Tortuga Bay 

  13. Transfer out

The order of the itinerary is subject to change

Package for Groups:

Minimum 2 divers and non-divers, but interested in snorkeling


Transfer in, Hotel Angermeyer, visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station


Academia Bay 


For divers: Gordon Rocks 


For non-divers: Seymour Island *


For divers: Bartolomé Island 


For non-divers: Bartolomé Island *


Floreana Island, Hostal Wittmer


Floreana Island, return to Hotel Silberstein


Santa Fe 


Transfer out 

* Separate program 

  • Half board

  • Diving equipment is included

The order of the itinerary is subject to change

All packages include all transfers in the Galapagos

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