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Finch Bay Hotel - LogoGalapagos Hotels
Santa Cruz Island

Finch Bay Hotel
(formerly Hotel Delfin)

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Finch Bay Hotel, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

The charming Finch Bay Hotel
(formerly Hotel Delfin) is located at Academy Bay on the island of Santa Cruz, a naturally generous location, providing tranquility and comfort. 

The Finch Bay Hotel has 21 rooms with  twin-beds, private bath, and hot water showers.  Every room is equipped with an electric ceiling fan.  The guest rooms and swimming pool are located only steps away from a sandy beach and near tidal lagoons, cliffs and cactus forests where interesting Galapagos wildlife can be seen.  

Finch Bay Hotel - Veranda and RoomBoardwalk along Academy Bay - Santa Cruz Island, GalapagosRestaurant - Finch Bay Hotel

Yacht Sea Finch - Enjoy daily excursions in air conditioned comfort

Explore the Galapagos Islands on daily excursions aboard the Yacht Sea Finch.

Other activities include: sea kayaking, horseback riding, visits to the lava tubes of Santa Cruz Island, visits to the Giant Tortoise Reserve, Hiking, visits to the Charles Darwin Research Center, snorkeling and diving, bird watching, and biking. 


Finch Bay Eco Hotel, on Santa Cruz Island, now has a second yacht to operate day tours in the Galapagos Islands.  This new addition increases the capacity of the Finch Bay Eco Hotel’s Land & Sea Programs – which will now operate with the Yacht Sea Finch for 20 guests and the Yacht Sea Lion for 16 guests.  

Yacht Sea Lion - Finch Bay Hotel - Galapagos Islands 
Explore the Galapagos Islands on daily excursions aboard the Yacht Sea Lion


We are proud to present the Solar Ray, our innovative solar/electric-powered skiff. 

We know that tourism takes a toll on the environment, which is why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our unique natural surroundings with ingenious technological solutions.  We are pleased to be the first travel company in the Galapagos Islands to use this type of solar/electric, eco-friendly means of transportation.  Plus, we believe our new transportation boat will ease our guests into the Galapagos experience in a more harmonious, holistic way. 

Solar Ray - solar/ electric skiffThe new Solar Ray skiff has been fitted with 4 solar panels on its roof, as well as an electric charging system (we have also installed a power outlet on one of our service docks for this purpose).  Thus, the carbon footprint left by this means of transportation is minimal because no fossil fuels are used. Where the skiff previously required 2,912 to 3,640 gallons of petrol per year to be operated, it now requires 0!  That means our emissions are now 34 tonnes/CO2 less, which is equal to a year’s use of electricity of nearly 5 homes. 


As per established policies for some of the Galapagos vessel operators, a “Release of Responsibility” form must be signed by the parents or guardians accompanying children, under the age of 12, who are traveling to the Galapagos Islands.  

A printed document must be signed prior to the beginning of a stay at the Finch Bay Eco Hotel. 

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