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Yachana Lodge
The Yachana Foundation
- Overview

Yachana Lodge - A Place For Learning - in Ecuador

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Mondana Medical Clinic - Yachana Foundation - Ecuador

The Yachana Foundation 

At the Yachana Foundation we are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to the problems facing the Ecuadorian Amazon region.  We work with rainforest communities to improve education, develop community-based medical care, establish sustainable agricultural practices, provide environmentally sustainable economic alternatives, and conserve the rainforest.  We employ an innovative development model based on a non-profit/for-profit organizational structure.  The non-profit Foundation is partially supported by the for profit company Yachana Lodge to finance its fight against poverty and disease and the destruction of Ecuador’s imperiled rainforestYachana is a Kichwa indigenous word that means "a place for learning."  

The profits from the company support the Yachana Foundation’s education, sustainable development and rainforest conservation projects, guaranteeing their long term financial sustainability.  

Our Mission 

Our mission is to find sustainable solutions that will contribute to reversing the spiral of impoverishment and environmental degradation that is ravaging the people and tropical forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  

Our Work 

Since 1991, the Yachana Foundation and its projects have invested approximately 6.2 million dollars in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  This investment of time and resources has underwritten many triumphs.  

Over the last 19 years, some of our accomplishments include: 

Yachana Technical High School - Ecuador Initiated the Yachana Technical High School in 2005, an innovation in high school education. 

Initiated an agricultural, technical assistance and commercialization program in cacao that helps over 2,500 subsistence farm families better manage their land, improve their agricultural production and raise their income.  The Foundation helped these farmers create two farmers cooperatives to negotiate better prices for their products.  

Established the Mondańa Medical Clinic in 1997, which offers the only full-time healthcare to 8,000 Kichwa indigenous people and mestizos living along the Upper Napo River.

Built 10 agricultural collection centers to provide a fair trade market place for the farmers to take their cacao to sell.  

Opened Yachana Lodge, a world renowned geo-tourism destination, in 1995. 

Constructed 21 schools in impoverished communities throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

Created 16 village banks now managed largely by the women in communities. 

Napo River - Amazon Rainforest - Ecuador Purchased and protected 4,300 (1,800 hectares) acres of rainforest Our innovative, integrated approach has made great progress towards reconciling conservation and development in the Ecuadorian Amazon; however, much remains to be done. The following are some of the many awards and projects that the Yachana Foundation is involved in at this time.  These are designed to provide a systematic change that will ensure the sustainable development and conservation of Ecuador’s rainforest region.  

The Yachana Foundation currently consists of Yachana Lodge and the Yachana Technical High School.  In 2011, Yachana Technical Institute opened - a two year technical college to provide a very practical education for primarily the graduates from our high school.  This Institute is being funded by the Inter American Development Bank.  In early 2010 a new company was also formed called Yachana Technology to market many of the products the foundation is developing for those living at the base of the economic pyramid.  All of these entities are referred to as the Yachana Group

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|  Yachana Lodge (main page)  |  3, 4, and 5-Day Tours  |  DUALL Jungle Tour  |  Rafting Tours  |  Yachana Spanish Program  |  Accommodations  |  Location  |  Activities  |  Yachana Foundation - Overview  |

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