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Sacha Lodge
Amazon Jungle Lodge


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Welcome to Sacha Lodge - Ecuador Amazon Region

Welcome to Sacha Lodge
Amazon Jungle Lodge & Butterfly Farm

Aerial View - Sacha Lodge in the Amazon Jungle of EcuadorSacha Lodge is found within a 5000-acre private ecological reserve in Ecuador’s Amazon region, an accessible yet pristine rainforest sanctuary where you and your family may enjoy a true jungle adventure in safety and comfort. 


Do you want ecotourism in the upper Amazon Basin?

  • and watching more birds than you can imagine?
  • or an even wider variety of wildlife?
  • and visiting a working butterfly farm? 
  • and staying at a comfortable lodge on a lagoon at the edge of the rain forest?  

Then . . .  Sacha Lodge is where you want to go!

Click on the Photo above for a larger aerial view (depending on the size of your browser window.)

Observation Tower - Sacha Lodge, Ecuador Kapok Observation Tower

One of Sacha Lodge’s highlights is our newly rebuilt and remodeled 135-foot (43-meter) observation tower. Situated on a hill and constructed around a giant kapok tree for stability, this tower allows guests to climb into and above the rainforest canopy for a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Be it shortly after sunrise or before sunset, from the tower’s ample platform it is possible to observe toucans, parrots, and dozens of other colorful bird species in the treetops, noisy howler monkeys, foraging squirrel monkeys or the gentle three-toed sloth may also be seen.

You literally get a bird's eye view of the jungle canopy! 

Rainforest Canopy Walkway - Sacha Lodge, Ecuador
See the jungle canopy even better from our
rigid suspension canopy walk!

Sacha Lodge is very proud and excited to reveal the completion of the first self standing rigid suspension jungle canopy walk.  We believe that this suspension canopy walk is the first of its kind. 

Yasuni Parrot Lick - Sacha Lodge, Ecuador
Bird Watching

And speaking of  birds, the birdwatcher's list of "The Birds and Mammals of Sacha Lodge" contains 565 entries of birds alone, along with over 100 mammals! Also, the Yasuni Parrot Lick is nearby,  where multitudes of parrots go for a taste of salt. You don't have to be a birdwatcher to be impressed!

Butterfly Farm - Sacha Lodge, Ecuador
Butterfly Farm

Sacha Lodge is the home of one of the largest butterfly farms in Ecuador. They breed nearly 40 local species for exhibition and export.

Guest Room - Sacha Lodge Hotel, Ecuador
Sacha Lodge Hotel

When you aren't touring the surrounding jungle, observing, learning and enjoying, there are enough creature comforts (laundry, 24 hour electricity, ceiling fans, king size beds) here to reassure you that you haven't left all civilization behind. 

Canoe Trips - Sacha Lodge, EcuadorActivities (Including Canoe Trips)

At Sacha Lodge, there are a wide variety of activities and attractions that will make each day a new adventure - Sacha Lodge caters to all interests and physical abilities. 

La Casa del Suizo, Ecuador
. . . if all that sounds a bit more strenuous or "natural" than what you had in mind, we just happen to have another Jungle Lodge:

La Casa del Suizo

It is accessible by car from Quito and offers more modern conveniences, while still supplying the authentic rainforest experience.  Here are some pictures of La Casa del Suizo and here are some sample itineraries.


5-Days / 4-Night Program

With 4 nights at Sacha Lodge, you can explore the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to its fullest. Beginning and finishing in Quito, we take care of every detail to ensure the trip of a lifetime.

4-Day / 3-Night Program

Starting and finishing in Quito, with three nights in Sacha Lodge, this is an efficient way to discover the Amazon Rainforest for travelers with limited time.

Special Packages

6-Days / 5-Nights Quito And Amazon all inclusive Package

One night in Quito, three nights in Sacha Lodge, one night in Quito. All transfers included.

7-Days / 6-Nights Quito And Amazon all inclusive Package

One night in Quito, four nights in Sacha Lodge, one night in Quito.  All transfers included. 

9-Days / 8-Nights Quito, Amazon and Andes Package

One night in Quito, three nights in Sacha Lodge, two nights in Hacienda Piman, Otavalo Market, train ride, two nights in Quito. All transfers included. 

Discover the Amazon-Orellana Expedition 8-days / 7-nights Package

One night in Quito, two nights in La Casa Del Suizo, 6 hours canoe to Sacha Lodge, three nights in Sacha Lodge, one night in Quito. All transfers included. 

Amazon and Andes 6-days / 5-nights Package

Three nights in Sacha Lodge, two nights in Hacienda Piman, Otavalo Market, train ride, transfers from Quito to Hacienda Piman and viceversa. 



Staff: We take pride in our friendly staff, who are always available to cater any special needs you may have.  On average, there are three staff members on duty for every two guests at the lodge. 

Electricity: Throughout the Lodge, 24-hour electricity is provided by a distant, nearly inaudible generator. 

Drinking water: All the drinking water provided at Sacha (including ice) comes from a local well and is purified with both porcelain filters and ozone treatment, the most thorough purifying systems available. This water is tested regularly and has proven perfectly safe for human consumption. If you prefer, however, you may purchase bottled water from the bar. 

Amenities: In your shower you will find dispensers of biodegradable soap and shampoo. Although all runoff water is treated with ozone, we recommend the use of these amenities as an extra measure to protect the environment.  You will also be provided with fresh towels each day. 

Laundry: Sacha Lodge now provides laundry service (washing and drying) for our guests. Please consult costs with our lodge administrator. 

Boots and ponchos: Rubber boots and rain ponchos are available for all of our guests at the Lodge, free of charge! 

Communications: In case of emergency, both cellular telephone (BellSouth) and radio communications are available from the lodge. In addition, each of our guides maintains permanent radio contact with the lodge during all excursions and activities. 

First Aid: We keep a complete first aid kit for any minor injuries or ailments you may experience. However, please take any special medications you might need with you. In case of a serious injury or illness, there is a modern medical center located in 20-minute reach of Sacha Lodge. 

Security: At all times we have five staff members on duty patrolling of our reserve as park rangers to keep both the lodge and the surrounding environment safe. 

Bar: Drinks are not included in your package, and may be paid on the last night of your stay in cash (U.S. dollars), travelers checks or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).  There is no minimum charge for credit card payments. 

NOTICE: Since 2008, all persons visiting the Rio Napo area in Ecuador are required to to be vaccinated for Yellow Fever

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