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La Selva® Amazon Ecolodge
and Rainforest Resort


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Activities at La Selva® Amazon Ecolodge

You can choose to trek, hike, fish, swim, paddle canoes, bird watch, butterfly watch, photography or simply relax. 

Bird Watching - La Selva Jungle Lodge and Rain Forest Resort, EcuadorJungle Expedition Tour

One walk through the virgin forests and you’ll already appreciate the Giant Kapok Tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp), among the most representatives, along with some other plant and animal species that can be seen. 

Night Excursions

Hikes and canoe rides allow guests to hear the nocturnal sounds and to look for fishing bats, nightjars, some insects and possibly to get a glimpse of the caimans. Walking excursions give us the chance to encounter nocturnal creatures such as: Tarantulas, Whip-scorpions, toads and frogs, and possibly snakes. 

Canoe Ride - La Selva Lodge - EcuadorCanoe Ride

Enjoy a canoe ride on our lagoon, Garzacocha, and discover a great diversity of plants and animals in two different landscapes and ecosystems. 

La Selva Massages

Inspired by the natural beauty and essence of the Amazon, indulge yourself with our innovative and traditional crafted treatments provided by our highly certified massage therapist. 
SEE: Special Programs

Yoga Retreat

New at La Selva are our Yoga Retreats.  Our certified yoga instructor will lead you on a peaceful journey while at the same time rejuvenating your body and soul! 
SEE: Special Programs


Possible Daily Rainforest Excursions

Walk to Silverio's House:

Cross Garzacocha Lake to begin a two and a half to three hour walk on a rugged trail with some physically challenging parts.  Half of the walk takes place in primary forest and the other half passes by the huts of our indigenous neighbors along the Napo River

a large snail - native to the jungleSacha Huagra Trail:

Cross Garzacocha Lake, walk through virgin forest to observe the Giant Kapok Tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp), as well as other plant and animal species that can be seen along the trail; arrive at the lodge for lunch.  It takes about four and a half hours for the whole loop.

Parrot Clay Licks:

Visit to the Yasuni National Park to appreciate a unique site where parrots and parakeets gather in order to obtain the minerals that will help them to digest the fruits or seeds they have consumed. Option to enter to an indigenous community inside the Yasuni Park where other species of parrots and macaws can be seen (additional park entrance fees apply) 
green frog

Chawamango Trail:

Head east at the Mandian trailhead, followed by a walk back to Garzacocha lake.  3-4 hour walk.  Surprises can be found on the way. 

Matapalo Trail:

This is an introductory walk perfect for your arrival day.  Here you will have the chance to appreciate the particular Strangler Fig (Ficus sp), Azteca Ants (Azteca Trigona) lots of bright and beautiful heliconia plants and the Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). 

Rain Forest Tour - La Selva Jungle Lodge, Ecuador

Toucaneta's Trail:

This is a short 2-hour walk around the lodge where you will get a general idea of the tropical rainforest (flora, fauna & microfauna). 

Charapa Trail:

Short trip by foot around the edge of Lake Garzacocha.  Return by canoe to the lodge. 


135-foot Observation Tower La Selva Lodge, EcuadorObservation Tower:

Newly renovated and ready for your arrival at La Selva Amazon Ecolodge is the Observation Tower!  The tower offers great views of 35-meters (approximately 115-feet) overlooking the beautiful canopy of the surrounding rainforest.  Offering breath taking views of the wilderness that surrounds the lodge, here you'll see and hear many different species of birds, insects, and monkeys, as well as different types of flowers. Atop of the tower offers great opportunities for photography, filmography, and bird watching. The tower is located only 10-minutes away from the lodge and butterfly house.  Guides will accompany you to the observation tower either in the morning or the afternoon.  For your safety, only 10 people max plus two guides are allowed atop of the tower.  The observation tower is made from a type of wood called black and white "Pechiche" that we built around a large Kapok tree.  As we believe practicing ecological sustainability is very important, no environmental footprint has been left in the renovation of the observation tower. 

Butterfly Farm:

Available every afternoon.  Close to the lodge, watch and photograph butterflies at close range.  With any luck, witness the miracle of metamorphosis. 

Tropical Bird - La Selva Lodge - EcuadorCoto Trail:

This trail, like the charapa trail begins next to the butterfly farm and ends on the edge of the lagoon.  It is also a loop where you start our walking and come back to the hotel by canoe.  Depending on the guest's interests, the trail can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.  It lasts approximately two hours, and is ideal for observing diverse flora and fauna.  With luck we will have mammal and bird sightings close to the lake. 

Mandian Trail:

Lasts three to four hours depending on the animal sightings that happen along the way.  The entire trail is by foot to observe flora and fauna typical of the tropical rainforest. 

Monkry - La Selva Lodge - EcuadorPañacocha:

Pañacocha is located between the two largest protected areas in the Amazon, Yasuni National Park and Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.  Established in 1994, Pañacocha offers rare exceptional views of 9 different species of primates, 500 species of birds, and 100 different species of fish in the protected waterways, including Lake Pañacocha Pañacocha also boasts tropical butterflies with endless varieties of colors and patterns.  Join one of our local naturalist guides to experience the beauty found within this 140,000 acre protected rainforest.  Please note that there is an extra fee for this activity. 

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