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La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa - Cotacachi, EcuadorLa Mirage
Garden Hotel and Spa
Spa Treatments and Massages


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Spa Treatments and Massages:


La Mirage - Spa Treatments

Back, Neck, and Shoulders

This concentrated massage eases muscles tension and improves circulation in the tensest areas of the body. 
(25-minute service)


A foot massage incorporating the corresponding reflex points representative of each body organ. This technique of pressure, rubbing, and pulling helps to re-establish energy flows and to relieve stress and pain in the body. 
(50-minute service) 

Two In One Hand and Foot Spa Treatment

The hand and food spa at La Mirage is a flower-filled oasis of serenity for you alone. Begin your treatment with a full body soak in your private whirlpool bath. Or, if you prefer, go directly to the mini jacuzzi filled with mineral salts and lavender for your foot treatment. After this 5 – 10 minutes foot massage, we proceed to clean, cut, file the nails, and remove the cuticles. The feet and calves are massaged and exfoliated with a cold paraffin cream. Long towels are soaked in warm water and rosemary oil and wrapped around your feet, ankles, and calves leaving the skin silky soft. The foot treatment concludes with polish and soothing cream massage. 

Next the hands are soaked in warm water and lavender. The nails are cleaned and filed, and the cuticle is gently removed. The hands and forearms are massaged and exfoliated with a cold paraffin cream. This is followed by a ten minute wrap in linens soaked in rosemary. The treatment concludes with your choice of polish and cream massage. 
( 50 minute service )


Cleopatra's Bath

Experience the rejuvenating energy bath of milk, oil, and essential aromatic fragrances during thirty minutes.  Then your body will be wrapped with perfumed sheets, covered with rose petals and a thermal blanket for another thirty minutes.  The treatment concludes with a full body massage in a specially designed and decorated Egyptian chamber. 
(120-minute service)

La Mirage Spa - Cleopatra's Bath

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Aloe Vera Treatment

This treatment is designed to regenerate and hydrate the skin throughout the entire body because it supplies oxygen to skin cells by increasing the strength and synthesis of tissues. 

Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants. 

We start the treatment with a bath in an infusion of chamomile and orange, mineral salts, and pure Aloe Vera. 

Then the entire body is exfoliated, followed by an application of an Aloe Vera body mask. Them your entire body is wrapped in a warm Thermal Blanket for about 20 minutes. 

While relaxing an Aloe Vera mask is applied to the face and the entire treatment is terminated with a Full Body Massage.
(90 minutes of service)

Algae Detoxification Treatment

The Leading Number One Body Contouring Treatment

A five in one figure correction treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite, firms the skin, and tones the muscles. It is the only therapy that helps to detoxify the body and offers substantial inch loss after just one session. Using gentle stimulation the treatment works on specific problem areas. 

A complete body exfoliation with Marine Clay, followed by a rich substance of Pacific algae in specific parts of the body. Then the body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a Thermal Blanket, while a relaxing face algae masque is applied and afterwards the face is massaged. The treatment includes a light 30 minute body massage with fine aromatic oils. 

For maximum benefit three treatments are recommended.
(90 minute service)

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy

This therapy uses stem cells, primarily extracted from the Sequoia Tree, well known for it’s longevity and growth capacity (it grows to one of the tallest trees in the world).  Another contributor to this potent elixir is the grape flower due to it’s high content of polifenoles and flavonoides, which are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents and protect the blood vessels. 

The treatment begins with a forty minute Full Body Massage. Then a deep facial cleansing is followed by the application of this potent product. Special attention is given to the delicate skin around the eyes and lips, increasing moisture to these areas. Then we concentrate on the face, neck and neck lines using a grape extract. After removing the product we use a clarifying tonic which prepares the skin for a gentle peel derived from the Bamboo plant. Once this is removed, a facial massage is applied to bring the blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin surface promoting rejuvenation and preparing the skin to maximize the absorption of the final mask which relaxes the skin tissue. Finally a moisturizing cream is applied which penetrates the neck and facial area providing the pleasant youthful results. 

These products are available for purchase at the Spa should you wish to continue the treatments upon your return home. 
(80 minute service)

Lavender Luxury

You are immersed in a Jacuzzi tub infused with fresh lavender, thermal minerals and skin ointments. This is followed by a complete body exfoliation with cleansing gels, after which your body is wrapped with warm unbleached blankets saturated with the same powerful herb that, for centuries, has been known to encourage a deep state of relaxation. The treatment is finished by a complete full body massage. 

This ritual takes place in our Lavender Room, designed specifically for this treatment, surrounding you with the colors and fragrances emitted by this powerful and aromatic healing plant. Lavender originated in Europe, but can now be found growing in the gardens of our own property.  Lavender is known for its soothing, immune enhancing properties and it‘s very special aroma has been the base for many perfumes and Cosmetics throughout the ages.
(90 minute service)

Mirage Ecuadorian Volcanic Clay Body Treatment

A complete body exfoliation with cleansing gels. Next, a salt glow treatment with Body Masque followed by a rich substance of Ecuadorian volcanic clay on the entire body. 

Then your body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a Thermal Blanket. While relaxing, a face clay masque from the Dead Sea is applied and afterwards the face is massaged with a light oil. A shower is then taken, with the treatment concluding in a light 30 minute body massage of fine oils.
(90 minute service)

Candle Massage

For this treatment the therapist uses a candle consisting of pure vegetable wax. The wax is perfect for this treatment given its low melting point and warm, moisturizing oily properties. In addition to the calming effects of the warm, glowing candlelit ambience, these candles provide well being and relaxation, while the essential oils are penetrate and nourish the skin. The candles have been infused with a Jasmine-scented oil in order to improve the skin’s elasticity, while simultaneously providing a powerful soothing effect on both body and mind. This treatment decreases stress and helps to improve one’s mood. 

An alternate available candle treatment employs an infusion of Monoi Oil, recognized for its deep moisturizing, nourishing and soothing qualities. The wax in these candles provides elasticity to the skin thanks to the great capacity of Monoi Oil to retain hydration. 

Both treatments start with a full Body Exfoliation, using a scrub made from a cocktail of natural extracts including apricot seed powder, micronized bamboo seed powder, Argan fruit, rose petals, blueberries and rice powder. After removing the excess scrub with a warm, damp cloth, the therapist proceeds with a Lomi-Lomi Massage intended to achieve total harmony for all the muscles in the body by energizing the flow of bodily fluids. 
(90 minutes service)

Therapy for Two (Fiesta Floral)

Of course, the right selection of a treatment for both of you would be the Fiesta Floral

Inspired by the Gardens of La Mirage, the therapy begins with a bath filled with rose petals and essential oils for the ultimate relaxation. 

Then rose petals and fine oils are blended together and placed on your tired muscles while you simultaneously experience the techniques of a wonderful full-body massage – performed by two therapists – that will re-establish the harmony between both your bodies and souls.
(80 minute service)

The Total Chocolate Therapy
(Death by Chocolate - Chocolate Decadence)

Chocolate is native to Latin America and its superb qualities attracted the Explorers many centuries ago to this Continent. 

Among its many properties, the healing properties of chocolate are its most notable. Chocolate revitalizes and nourishes the skin.  It also provides relaxation for the body. 

This treatment begins with a bath of peppermint mineral salts that will soften and renew the skin. It is followed by a complete body exfoliation using native Ecuadorian chocolate. You then receive a full body massage for 30 minutes after which time the body is enveloped in a chocolate soufflé mask in order to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. You will then be covered completely for another 30 minutes with a warm thermal blanket. While your entire body is relaxing, you receive a mini facial after which a chocolate face mask is then applied for another 20 minutes. The aroma of the chocolate alone will make you want to savor some delicious chocolate in your mouth! 

This treatment is not recommended for guests who are pregnant. 
(100 minute service )

Swedish Massage

This massage combines three basic strokes-long, firm strokes, kneading, and small circles. The strokes are designed to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation and induce relaxation.
(45 minute service)


An ancient art using the natural essential oils of plants, roots and flowers. This light pressure massage uses a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Polarity (energy work), and Reflexology to stimulate the Lymphatic drainage system, soothe nervous tension, and relieve Jet Lag.
(50-minute service)

Mirage Facial

Facial revitalization, moisturizing and anti-aging treatment to promote the recovery of the firmness and elasticity of the skin and reduced fine lines as well as protecting the skin from external aggressions. 

The treatment begins with a basic skin protocol preparation and continues with a micro current facial rejuvenation and a Russian current or electro lifting oriented towards the reparation of tissues, cellular restructuring, rejuvenation and sagging, restoring the balance and improving and toning the skin elasticity. 

A luxurious massage of your face, neck and shoulders terminates the massage which is accompanied by a gentle stream of steam.
(50-minute service)

Experience the Grape Treatment of the World's Highest Located Winery:
"Perafan" in the Andes

Science has long suggested a connection between polyphenols which are found in grapes, and good health and long life. Wine treatments are said to firm the skin and slow down the aging process due to the wines high antioxidant content.  Soak in bubbling water enriched with fresh, finely crushed grape extracts from seed, skin, stalk and pulp together with organic essential oils chosen to provide the desired effect for 30 minutes. 

Followed by a complete body exfoliation and a full massage for another 30 minutes after which we apply a corporal grape mask.  Then your body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a warm thermal blanket.  While relaxing, you receive a mini facial, followed by a grape facial mask. 

This treatment is not recommended for guests who are pregnant.
(100 minute service )

Purification Treatment

The Shamans possess a great vision for the countryside and, in particular, for plants often used – mainly for healing purposes.  In addition, they are specialists in using elements such as Fire, Water and Earth that they employ in order to call the spirits for assistance.  The over natural healing power of the Shaman is obtained through magical substances such as Crystals, Candles, Smoke and Eggs.  More objects employ more power.  The Shaman always carries these objects around.  According to Ecuadorian tradition the Shaman does not necessarily have to be a male. 

At La Mirage we are happy to introduce the healing powers of a Female Shaman who has inherited years of experience from her father, a recognized Shaman of this own in this region. The purification room at La Mirage is oriented towards the established indigenous healing practice for Body, Soul and Spirit. Taking these concepts into consideration, we are blending relaxation practices using the Floating Tub, the Shaman Ritual and, ultimately the Aromatherapy Spiritual Massage.
(90 minute service)

Cofan Spiritial Ritual of the Amazon

This treatment is inspired by the Indigenous Inhabitants of the Amazon Region in Ecuador, and their use of the native plants of the Rainforest to heal the inner organs of the body. 

Exotic sounds and smells combine in such a way that by the end of the ritual, your body and spirit are in harmony and ready to experience life to the fullest. 

You are immersed in a tub infused with guayusa and ishpingo leaves. Both plants are only found in the rainforest. These essences are known to the Amazon people for their stimulating qualities and their ritual use to heal the inner organs of the body. In addition, we add mineral salts, lemongrass and essential oils to the water creating a truly luxurious and relaxing soak. Then your body is gently exfoliated with the guayusa and ishpingo leaves. 

The treatment culminates with a 50 minute full body massage using deep tissue techniques performed with various size bamboo sticks. All this takes place in a specially designed and decorated BAMBOO SPA reminiscent of an Amazon Rainforest ritual chamber. 
( 90 minute service )

Equatorial Energy Bath

This treatment is oriented towards the total relaxation of the entire body. Incorporated in this treatment are stones, energized in the Equatorial Sun, and natural crystal formations found in the volcanic rocks of this mystical region. Both of these elements influence the mind, spirit and soul. 

This ritual combines a bath of crystal energized water, mineral salts, medicinal herbs and the aroma of the medicinal Palo Santo plant found in the Machalilla National Park in Ecuador. 

The therapist then proceeds the alignment of Chakras (which are center of force, located within our etheric body) and they are very important in restoring the natural harmony of the body. The treatment is terminated by a full body massage with solar energized stones.
( 90 minute service )


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