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Ecuador Railway Tours
Tren Crucero - Expediciones

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Steam Locomotive - Tren Crucero - Ecuador

From the Pacific Ocean to the Andes of Ecuador, join us on board the leading luxury train in South America!

An Award-Winning Train

Interior - Tren Crucero, EcuadorExperience the wonders of Ecuador on board Tren Crucero, recognized as the Leading Luxury Train in South America in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Modern, electric-diesel, and lovingly restored, antique steam locomotives pull a high quality convoy of two luxury, Colonial and Republican-style themed passenger cars carrying just fifty passengers, to ensure personalized service for all.  A bar and gift-shop car with two comfortable observation lounges and an open air terrace complete the setup of this comfortable, select boutique train. 

Life On Board

Service aboard Tren Crucero - EcuadorOur guides and bartenders are deeply passionate about our land and our culture, and are ready to satisfy your curiosity at any time while you enjoy the views.  Snacks, fresh-made juices, coffee, tea, soft and alcoholic drinks are available all day.  Some meals are also served on board, while others are part of the tours. 

Nights are spent in characterful countryside hotels and haciendas. 

The Luxury Experience

Steam Locomotive - Tren Crucero, EcuadorFeel the joy of discovering the hidden secrets of Ecuador with our carefully selected collection of Tren Crucero experiences.  All our partners are local tourism companies with high standards of social and environmental responsibility and a deep commitment to the communities they serve.  With them, you will hike the rainforest, roam ancestral markets, visit artisans’ workshops, meet the last "ice-harvester" of Chimborazo, be welcomed in indigenous communities where you will learn about Andean cosmogony and ancestral traditions... All this straight from the true guardians of these riches, the local communities that have preserved this astounding heritage. 


Cuisine - Tren Crucero, EcuadorAncestral cuisine is an integral part of the fascinating cultural experience of this journey, thanks to the variety and diversity of ingredients found along the route.  Ecuador is home to the finest cocoa bean in the world, the "fine aroma", "arriba" cocoa.  The train crosses large plantations of sugar cane, banana, pineapple, rice, and all kinds of tropical fruits, sweeter than any other you’ve ever tasted, thanks to the highest amount of sunlight in the Ecuador.  Do not miss our fresh-made juices on board.  Quinoa crops color the landscape, dotted by herds of sheep and llama and the bright shades of the peasant’s ponchos.  The rolling hills of the Andes highlands are a tapestry of hues that translate into beautiful dishes. 

Tren Crucero (Multi-Day Tours)

Tren Crucero - Diesel Locomotive

From Andes to the Pacific: |   Train of Wonders (4-Days / 3-Nights)   |

Extension to Train of Wonders: |   Colonial Cuenca   |

From Pacific to the Andes: |   Train to the Clouds (4-Days / 3-Nights)   |

Extension to Train to the Clouds: |   Magical Otavalo   |

Expediciones (Single-Day Journeys)

Single-Day Trips - Devil's Nose, Ecuador

Northern Andes:

Liberty Train I (Ibarra - Salinas - Ibarra)

Liberty Train II (Otavalo - Salinas - Otavalo)

Central Andes:

Volcano Train I (Quito - El Boliche - Machachi - Quito)

Volcano Train II (Ambato - El Boliche - Ambato)

Hielo Train II (Ambato - Mocha - Urbina - Cevallos - Ambato)

Southern Andes:

Hielo Train I (Riobamba - Urbina - La Moya - Riobamba)

The Devil's Nose (Alausí - Sibambe - Alausí)

Pacific Coast:

Dulzura Train (Durán - Bucay - Durán)

Coast to Mountains (Durán - Alausí)   |

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