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Chile has a unique shape - a narrow strip of land running between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. To the north, her neighbors are Peru and Bolivia, and to the  east - across the Andes, lies Argentina.

Chile is comprised of different contrasting territories:

Chilean PatagoniaThe
Chilean Patagonia is noted for its landscape of outstanding beauty and is one of the last pristine regions of the planet.  A zone with magnificent national parks, declared a world biosphere reserve, famous for its profusion of wild life within a spectacular environment - surrounded by breathtaking mountains, channels, glaciers and lakes.  We take you on tours here, and in the Argentine Patagonia!  


Balloon Flights over the Atacama desert, Chile
Ballooning over the Atacama Desert

Balloon flights offer the same unrivalled views over the spectacular Atacama desert landscape of the Moon Valley in complete comfort style and safety.


Whale Watching

Whale warching excursions in Chile

Full-day whale watching excursions from Punta Arenas

A journey through the first Chilean Marine Park "Francisco Coloane" looking for the amazing humpback whales.

Andes-Crossing Tour

Andes Crossing Tour - Chile and ArgentinaWhere Patagonia begins.

The route of the lakes, rivers and volcanoes that joins two brother nations with tourism. The Andes-Crossing Chile - Argentina, a majestic journey that connects the cities of Puerto Varas and San Carlos de Bariloche, needs the support and the leadership of a great company. 


We also offer an Alternative Program to the Andes Crossing Tour


Patagonia Tou

Glacier - Patagonia 101 TourTour Programs in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.  Includes Tierra del Fuego, Glaciers, the Patagonian Andes, visits to National Parks, visits to a working traditional Estancia (farm) in the Pampas,  wine tours, tours of capitals, big cities, the Atacama desert, and more! 


Patagonian Andes - Patagonia 101 Tour



In the southernmost region of the world, where the sea and the mountains meet, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans merge, silence is touching, and flora, fauna, and geography arouse the senses.  In this wild and magic area, glaciers, perennial snow, sea-lions, penguins, and the lush vegetation will be witness to the passage of the Stella Australis and Via Australis Expedition Cruises through legendary sea routes that bring to mind the history of sailors and natives in one of the most unexplored areas of the planet, a region unimaginably beautiful and indomitable, unspoiled and imposing.  

M.V. Stella Australis  (210-passenger vessel)

M.V. Stella Australis - Patagonia cruises

M.V. Stella Australis (Specifications)


Patagonia Map

Practical Guide

M.V. Via Australis  (136-passenger vessel)

M.V. Via Australis - Patagonia cruises

M.V. Via Australis (Specifications)


Patagonia Map

Practical Guide

Patagonia is synonymous with vast landscapes, adventure, uniqueness, and remoteness - a land of unpolluted beauty and loneliness...   A place where nature has been generous - where enormous mountains, valleys, channels, islands, and glaciers are parts of surroundings that fascinates the voyager who is seeking to get in touch with the purity of nature.  Visiting Patagonia is a unique privilege for its visitors, and it is here that the Skorpios fleet gives all the quality service and over 25-years of experience with cruises to the Northern and Southern Ice Fields of the Chilean Patagonia...  

M.N. Skorpios II (130-passenger vessel)

Cruise Ship M.N. Skorpios II

M.N. Skorpios II - Vessel Details

M.N. Skorpios II - Deck Pans

Itinerary - Classic San Rafael Route

M.N. Skorpios III (110-passenger vessel)

Cruise Ship M.N. Skorpios III

M.N. Skorpios III - Vessel Details

M.N. Skorpios III - Deck Pans

Itinerary - Kaweskar Explorers Route

As we were saying earlier, Chile is comprised of different contrasting territories:

Atacama Desert

Chile Travel & Tours - ChurchThe extreme north has the brown Atacama Desert with places where no rain has ever been recorded. The Southeast region features imposing glacier fields and lush green forests. The snowcapped Andes form the eastern border, and Pacific Ocean is the western border.

Chile Travel & Tours - Atacama Desert Sand DunesThe Atacama Desert holds amazing archaeological remnants: 10,000 year-old mummies, huge petroglyphs, and Rupestrian paintings. A wide range of wild fauna and natural phenomena abound in its national parks.

Easter Island

Chile Travel & Tours - Easter Island Statues

Easter Island, a far-flung and lonely island, situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, features a real outdoor museum - the cradle of an enigmatic civilization whose origins are still unknown.

, the nation's capital, is in the Central Region, noted for its fertile valleys.  The region features vast vineyards, giving birth to some of the best wines in the world - and some of the best snow skiing in the world is close at hand.  

Facts for the Traveler:

  • Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and most western European countries do not require a Visa, although a Passport is required.  US citizens pay a $20.00 levy.  New Zealanders do need a Visa.  A 90-day permit, renewable for another 90-days, is received upon entering the country.

  • The currency is the Peso.  A higher rate of exchange is offered at Money Exchange Agencies.  Only Dollars are accepted.  Other currencies are exchanged with difficulty.  Banker's hours are Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.

"Jungle" Jack Hanna
For years, Jack Hanna, star of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild and Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures has utilized LARC when traveling to Latin America.  See for yourself what Jack Hanna has to say about LARC in a short video he was kind enough to record:

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