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About LARC
Who We Are & What We Do

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South America Travel - Snowy Mountains in Peru - LARC
What We Are

Latin America travel and custom tours specialists,  LARC  is the Latin America Reservation Center, Inc., a corporation of independent resorts and travel services as distinctive as South America itself.  We serve both the traveling public and professional travel agencies.  (i.e. we are both travel retailers and travel wholesalers )  We have local offices in all the countries that we serve.  

We are not a travel agency, but direct representatives of some of the finest resorts, spas, hotels and tour operator in South America and Central America. 


With so many companies competing for your business, Why LARC?

In short, for peace of mind.   LARC offers custom-built vacations that include (among other things) logistical planning that includes air flights to and within the countries of interest, transportation between between airports and hotels and points of interest, arranging for area tours (if so desired), and other things - so that your vacation in Latin America goes smoothly.  LARC arranges everything personally, in ways not possible for automated booking sites.  This is particularly important when visiting parts of the world where the traveler may not speak the native language. 

We help you get to our destinations safely, comfortably and economically.  When you arrive in the country you are visiting, we see to it that you are met at the airport.  We arrange for transportation from your point of arrival to your destination.  And then we see to it that you get back home again the same way!  You are not just own your own when traveling with us.  We've been doing this for over 30 years.

Each hotel, resort, spa, tour boat, jungle lodge, etc., that LARC represents has been visited recently by a LARC professional to assure that the facilities are up to our high standards. 

If our professional finds that a hotel or resort no longer meets our standards, it is removed from our list of destinations - We won't represent them anymore.  Because of this personal attention to detail, our professionals can provide detailed, specific, and accurate travel information.

Our Company Logo

Latin America Reservation Center, Inc. has had several company logos over the years.  Be assured that we are the same company, with the same owner and management.

Current LARC (TM) Logo

ABOVE: Our current "Gold Key" logo, which we introduced in 2014 - harking back to our original key logo.

Blue oval LARC (TM) Logo - used from the late 1990's until 2014.
ABOVE: Our blue oval logo, which we used from the late 1990's until 2014.

Early Key LARC (TM) Logo - cicra 1990's
ABOVE: Our original key logo - our company symbol until the late 1990's.

"Jungle" Jack Hanna
For years, Jack Hanna, star of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild and Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures has utilized LARC when traveling to Latin America.  See for yourself what Jack Hanna has to say about LARC in a short video he was kind enough to record:

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Who We Are

Latin America Reservation Center, Inc. is owned and operated by Judy Martin since 1982, who has been a licensed professional in this field since 1967.  LARC is headquartered in the United States, in Dundee, Florida.  LARC's headquarters is in an area not zoned for a drive up, brick and mortar business, though we serve an international clientele.  Vacations/tours can be arranged by phone, Email, postal mail, and/or FAX. 

Contact Us by phone, Email, or FAX.

In order to accommodate phone calls from people in other time zones (we're Eastern Standard), if you will just Email us to set up a phone meeting, we will be happy to adjust to your needs! Our offices are usually open from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. 

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